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Start Your Construction Bond Application Online

Our on-line application is the best thing that ever happened to construction bonds. Just answer a few basic questions, download the documents you need, and we'll speed you through the process.

If your bond is for $750,000 or less ($1,500,000 in aggregate), our simplifed application makes it easier than ever to apply.

Surety Bonding 101

A surety bond is similar to an insurance policy, with one important difference.

An insurance policy is designed to protect YOU, in the event a loss or accident occurs. Surety bonds, by contrast, are designed to protect someone else that you work with or do business with, in the event that you fail to meet your obligations. Many governments, businesses and other entities require that you purchase a surety bond to protect them against your failure to perform.

Because they require specialized knowledge, surety bonds are generally underwritten by insurance companies and sold though agencies that specialize in these types of risk.

SBA Surety Program

With an SBA guarantee, small businesses that otherwise might not qualify may be able to purchase bonds that guarantee that the work will be completed. This will allow you to bid on, and potentially win, contracts that otherwise would go to your larger and more established competitors.

More About the SBA Surety Program

Financial Services

As you succeed in developing and growing your business, our financial services division can provide you, your executives and your employees with programs and guidance to make the most of it.

More About Financial Services

Who We Are

The Blaise Group NY, LLC specializes exclusively in surety and fidelity performance bonds. Our single focus allows us to more fully understand the needs of our customers, and to serve them better. Our Certified MBE status is an added bonus for clients that perform government contracts.

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