What a Year! What a 2020!

In an industry of personal relationships and personal connections, 2020 has tested us all.

We simply want to say thank you to all our friends, colleagues and clients. Thank you for the connections we have maintained and thank you for preserving our high industry standards no matter what comes our way.

As the year unfolded, no one seemed to know what was coming,or even understood what had already transpired. At first, we thought covid might be over in a few weeks, or that it might be like a severe case of the flu. Some thought it would die out with the warm weather.

I still find it a little bizarre to walk outside and see everyone wearing masks. I try to place a candy or gumdrop into my mouth, and realize that my mask is in the way. At the same time, those of us wearing masks complain about those that aren’t.

In spite of all this, we are moving forward. Most of us have learned how to cope in this world, and our choices have drastically affected different types of companies, some in a positive way, while others such as restaurants and theaters have suffered greatly. Likewise, the real estate and the construction markets have seen their share of upheavals, with properties in some rural areas receiving bids of 20% above asking within a day, while previously hot urban properties are languishing.

It’s not over yet. While we all hope that a safe and effective vaccine is on its way, the virus is still ‘novel’. We don’t even know for sure how long antibodies and immunity to the virus, whether from a vaccine or a previous bout with the disease, will last. But the best minds in the world are collaborating on this problem with an incredible intensity, and we are hoping for the best.

When this is over, we look forward to personally catching up with everyone, sadly consoling any losses, trading war stories and triumphs and more importantly listening to each other and working together for the best possible future opportunities.

So, while a simple “Thank you” may seem trivial, please accept our most sincere gratitude for our personal relationships.

Stay Safe, and be the Best!
Blaise Group NY, LLC

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