Infrastructure and Public Works

Politicians have recently been arguing endlessly about what constitutes Infrastructure.

All they need do is ask any construction worker. The Construction Industry’s ‘Boots on the Ground’ know exactly what infrastructure is, and their replies, in many different languages and colors, will be largely the same.

The essence of infrastructure

Public works projects, such as schools, bridges and highways, undertaken by public entities at the local, state and national level, are the essence of infrastructure. Construction is a major boon to any economic recovery, and it starts with Public Works Projects that contractors can bid on. Regardless of the outcome of the negotiations going on in Congress, these projects will be a key part of the mix.

While politicians continue to argue about what we need, it’s clear that Public Works Projects will be at the core of it. It’s what our country needs, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that we are finally going to get it. The construction industry knows that we desperately need Public Works, and so does everyone else.

The time to act is now

While this Infrastructure Bill is getting momentum, the time for action is limited. Please act now to secure a Surety Program for your business and for your future, so you will be ready to respond to these challenges and opportunities. Once the contracts are let out, it may be too late to prepare.

To learn more, download a free copy of ASCE’s Assessment of America’s Infrastructure. This in-depth report provides a detailed assessment of nearly every aspect of our Public Works infrastructure, and it will help you identify the areas where you will find the greatest opportunities to help both your company and our nation.
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