How do you Motivate Your Team?

During my travels to and from our National Surety Association, one memorable trip was to Austin, Tx where I was introduced to “Big” things Texas style.  As they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

This included watching a major college football game (Texas Longhorns) in Austin Stadium, meeting Vince Young, quarterback and Owner of the Vince Young Steakhouse, and coming across a very small book titled ‘Make Your Bed’ by Admiral William H. McRaven, while shopping at the local Longhorns Stadium shop.

I was able to read this book on a quick bus ride back to my hotel, but its contents have reverberated ever since.  I later happen to catch a commencement speech Admiral McRaven gave to the 2014 graduating Class of The University of Texas that I want to share with you.  It may be the best 20 minutes you will ever spend:

I have often heard: People may forget what you DID, they may forget what you SAID, but they will remember how you made them FEEL.  Find common ground, share your experiences, be genuine in your beliefs and like the saying says, make them remember how you make them feel.  Rise above adversity

There are many ways to motivate your team. Hopefully, these few ideas will make a difference to them, change their lives for the better, help the team reach its goals, and provide them with the tools to do so for others.

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