Financial Services

We at The Blaise Group utilize a personal approach.

We obtain a deep personal understanding of the financial issues that you as a business owner are facing. This enables us to advise as if we were a member of your team.

We bring an entrepreneurial spirit and vision to help business owners take advantage of opportunities and optimize benefits to help them move forward confidently and successfully into the future.

The Retirement Savings Dilemma


Our services include:

Business Continuation Planning

  • Funding Option Analysis
  • Buy-Sell Strategies
  • Family Business Succession Planning
  • Key Person Insurance
  • Business Overhead Insurance

Executive Fringe Benefits

  • Executive Bonus Plans
  • Split Dollar Insurance
  • Deferred Compensation Funding
  • Salary Continuation Plans
  • Non-Qualified Executive Fringe Benefits

Employee Benefit Programs

  • Pension, Profit Sharing and 401 (k) plans
  • Payroll Deduction Plans