Faster, more convenient surety bonds

Let’s face it. Getting bonded, like many other things in life, is necessary, but can seem like an awful hassle. And it sometimes is, with the required documentation and constant back and forth communications and delays. If you do a high volume of projects tasks such as renewals, cancellations, riders and other record keeping can be a challenge as well.

Streamlining the process

That was yesterday. New, streamlined web portals, such as the SuretyWave Bond Portal offered by Blaise Group, eliminate much of the tedium. You still have to supply financials and other documentation (we have a simplified underwriting process for bonds under $750K that helps solve that), but the process is so much faster and more convenient with SuretyWave.

And it’s more accurate. Information is only entered once, not multiple times as with traditional bond underwriting. Your basic information and documents are stored in the portal, so you don’t have to gather and enter the same information every time you need a new bond.

All of your information is one place

You apply for and manage all of your bonds through one convenient on-line portal accessed through your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, from anywhere you happen to be.  Information on all of your bonds and bond requests are saved in one place, so you can find anything in an instant.

Renewals are a snap, as is adding a rider or changing or canceling a bond.

To learn more about the new SuretyWave Portal from Blaise Bonds, and how it can make your business more efficient, please call us at (914) 667-7700, or e-mail



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