Construction Outlook
for 2021

While one decade comes to an end, yet another is set to begin. How will this affect our Industry? What sector is pandemic proof? Where will most of the public and private work come from? These are some of the many questions facing our clients, and we can help.

Looking forward: the Construction Industry 2021

We will be updating articles over the next few weeks and months with our Industry projections for 2021, discussing a variety of the following topics:

– Biden Administration’s Infrastructure Plan / Build Back Better Plan
– Will PLA’s be the choice for all public work?
– New business opportunities in Green Cleaning and Restoration Services
– How to best select your digital platforms and software wisely
– Out with the old (Demolition) and In with the new (New Builds) and what it will look like

See the Dodge Construction Outlook for 2021

And looking back…

Where were you in 2000, at the start of the 21st Century and start of the 3rd millennium? Did you party like 1999, when Y2K was the biggest concern on business owner’s minds? Do you remember the effects of 9/11? What year was the 1st iPhone?

So much reflection in 2020 of the past, and then thinking of how to move forward and excel. It makes us think of a very old Chinese curse, mostly used as an ironic saying. “May you live in interesting times”.

We believe that together, we shall strive to achieve our goals and although we face challenges never seen before, the Construction Industry has many of the most ingenious people we know. We bet on us every time….

2021 bring it on!

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