What a Year! What a 2020!

In an industry of personal relationships and personal connections, 2020 has tested us all.

We simply want to say thank you to all our friends, colleagues and clients. Thank you for the connections we have maintained and thank you for preserving our high industry standards no matter what comes our way.

As the year unfolded, no one seemed to know what was coming,or even understood what had already transpired. At first, we thought covid might be over in a few weeks, or that it might be like a severe case of the flu. Some thought it would die out with the warm weather. Continue reading…

Additional Pay for Pandemic Costs?

Research funded by two key union contractor associations, covering the electrical and sheet metal trades, recently found an average 18% pandemic related impact from reduced productivity and added expenses. It is quite likely that other contractors, both union and non-union, might experience a similar impact

The Productivity loss is real

The productivity loss stems from a number of causes. For example, workers may remain home due to lack of child-care, or to tend to a sick family member. Continue reading…

Post Pandemic Construction?

For the past five years there has been a slow but steady exodus from city urban living to the suburbs and country communities, mostly due to the ability of corporate America to support employees working remotely.

Will the Pandemic accelerate this migration?

Current popular sentiment is to leave the city for those where mobility does not present an issue, but what about those who are left behind? While suburban developments address the new mobility trends, potentially causing a large boom for the construction Industry as it ties into the USA’s Infrastructure Plan and 5G Rural Broadband, there will also be a major need to upgrade our cities.

Continue reading…