Are you New to Bonding?

How and where to start?

The answer is pretty straightforward. Like most credit-based facilities, the best time to apply is when you don’t need it. And the absolute worst time is when you must be bonded in order to submit a bid and sign a contract for a job that you desperately want.

Qualifying in advance is more important than ever

In any environment, pursuing opportunities without all your ducks lined up is a risky approach. However, during the pandemic, having a Surety Bond line in place in advance is more important than ever.

Establishing a Surety line when you’re not under pressure to land a job is a fairly painless process. The easiest option is our Fast-track application, which provides a simplified application process for bonds up to $750,000 for firms with good credit.

If you would like to learn more about establishing a bonding relationship, call us at (914) 667-7700 x122. There is no commitment, cost or obligation, but it just might pave the wave to position your firm for future growth.

Be the Best!
Blaise Group NY, LLC

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